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      Welcome to the Magic Joke Collection, the net's largest collection of M:tG humor! Here, you will find over 1500 jokes, nicknames, and humorous cards, all pertaining to the collectable card game Magic: the Gathering. Hopefully, you will all find these pages enjoyable - whether you're looking for some good, fun Magic humor, or whether you're looking to laugh at how so many people are making such a big deal about a silly little card game... : )

For you parent types out there, don't worry, we screen all submissions to make sure that they are appropriate for children...

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Top New Submissions -- March 10, 1998
Only the best or funniest submissions will get added to the collection... take a look at the newest list!!

Check out how many "cousins" Tim has, in this huge collection of 600+ nicknames!
Last updated : March 10, 1998

Jokes about Magic in General
"What do you get when you put a Benalish Hero in an Ice Cauldron?" and other various Magic related jokes
Last updated : March 9, 1998

You know you've been . . .
Huge list of 100+ "You know you've been playing too much Magic when..." jokes
Last updated : March 10, 1998

Cool/Funny Card Creations
I cast Department of Funny Walks on my Knights who say 'Ni", and then summon the Energizer Bunny...
Last updated : March 10, 1998

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