Goss and I have decided that our time here, though well spent, is drawing to close. We are accepting offers for the purchase of this website. Please send them to b***a@d***o.com by April 25th. We may be able to take offers after that, but I can make no gurantees. There may be some legal complications involved with purchase of the website, but these can be discussed with any interested parties.

It has been a long, strange trip. I wish everyone the best,
--Seth Johnson (d***a@o***d.com)

Welllllllcome Wellllcome, uh, Welcome! To Beyond Dominia, home of several thousand mtg-heads and one very cantankerous prophet.

Before you post, you need to know the rules, fortunately they are right in front of you:

Rules for posting on Beyond Dominia
1. Do not flame. It pisses us off.
2. Do not spam. Read the mill descriptions and stay on topic. Miscellaneous stuff goes to the Rumor Mill.
3. Do not respond to spam/flames. It makes it worse. Just let the moderators deal with it.
4. Do not question or even discuss BD policy on the mills. E-mail a mod or an
admin and you'll have much better luck getting your concerns addressed.
5. You don't need an account to post, but it don't hurt. E-mail the appropriate mill moderator about getting accounts for their mill(s).

If you're dazed and confused, twisted and used, call b***a@d***o.com.

System Announcements (29 Messages) April 25 - 12:50 am

The System Announcements tend to contain RATHER IMPORTANT MESSAGES, so keep an eye on them.

The Rumor Mill (1308 Messages) June 08 - 09:50 pm

Beyond Dominia's old mainstay, the Rumor Mill is our general discussion board.

Moderator: Shadow

The Rules Mill (881 Messages) June 09 - 03:12 pm

Part of what makes Magic interesting is its complexity, but then, part of what makes Magic irritating is its complexity. Who has time to read 3000 pages of rules and errata? Well, our Rules Gurus do. No question is too large or too small, they'll be answered one and all, and quickly too.

Moderator and Chief Guru: Westwycke

The Type One Magic Mill (9066 Messages) June 09 - 03:20 pm

Where is the best place for competitive Type One discussion? Easy. Here. When posting, please describe your local metagame, as they tend to differ. Also, it is assumed that you are building for Competitive Type One, that is, you're out to win some tournaments. Also, please read The T1 Primers

Moderator: Rakso

Casual and Beginner's Advice Mill (925 Messages) June 07 - 01:10 pm

There is a very high percentage that this is the mill you are looking for. By "Casual" we mean pretty much anything that isn't intended for winning tournaments. IMO, this is the only way to play Magic, but that's just me. We've got a big multiplayer following here, so if you're into that hop on in. Also, if you're just getting started in t1, come here to get some advice.

Moderator: Rakso

The Type Two Magic Mill (1033 Messages) June 08 - 01:12 pm

Type Two is wonderful, because you get to say things like: "That card is so last week." Not wanting to miss out, BD presents to you the Type Two Magic Mill, for competitive Type Two discussion.

Moderator: Eldain

The Type 1.5/1.X Magic Mill (2132 Messages) June 07 - 04:48 pm

1.5 and 1.X somehow manage to be both the best formats for tournament magic and also the least played formats. Well, 1.5 at least. Anyway, we've got it all here, and 1.etc is no exception, so here we have the 1.5/1.x Magic Mills for competitive 1.5 and 1.X discussion.

Moderator: Rakso

The Limited Magic Mill (405 Messages) April 24 - 01:37 am

While not quite as limited as Tom Green's vocabulary, Limited Magic is just as funny. Oh wait, what was that? I certainly will not, thank you very much. Dare to be different! *runs away screaming*

Moderator: Rakso

Classic (Type I) Trading (403 Messages) June 07 - 06:10 pm

For OOPs and so forth, there is no place better. I highly recommend you read the Trading Tips which can go along way toward preventing trading mishaps.

Moderator: Chargrilled

Mixed/Standard Trading (292 Messages) May 20 - 09:26 am

If it's not just OOPs and so forth, there is no place better. I highly recommend you read the Trading Tips which can go along way toward preventing trading mishaps.

Moderator: Chargrilled

The Fiction Mill (1017 Messages) June 09 - 11:38 am

Once home to the fantasy world Somnium, descendent of the Role Playing Mill's Phaema, I am now simply the Fiction Mill, where you may exercise your creative writing skills in an occasionally interactive fashion.

Moderator: Shadow

The Role Playing Mill (996 Messages) April 29 - 05:48 pm

The Role Playing Mill (formerly the War Mill) once housed a fantastic world of sorcery, courage, and intrigue. Though it is now closed for posting, you can still read about the end of Phaema's days.

If you would like a long melancholy description of the history of Beyond Dominia fiction, feel free to contact yer friendly neighborhood admin, Shadow.

3rd War Mill Planning Board (388 Messages) June 04 - 06:07 pm

The 3rd War Mill Planning Board is closed for posting, and will likely be deleted if I ever get around to archiving the messages.

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