neutral ground 250$ type 1 champions report

Beyond Dominia: The Type One Magic Mill: neutral ground 250$ type 1 champions report

By steven sadin on Thursday, February 07, 2002 - 11:55 am:

type 1 250$ neutral ground champions report

hey i wasn't planning on writing a tourney report but my teammates convinced me to
also all insults in this article are purely light hearted or directed at 2 purple tie wearing individuals

so here's my decklist

keeper or 1/1 goblin beatings you decide
main deck spells

4 mana drain
4 force
1 goblin trenches
1 gorilla shaman
1 braingeyser
1 misdirection
1 counterspell
1 fire-ice
1 demonic tutor
1 mystical tutor
1 merchant scroll
1 ansestral recall
1 sylvan library
1 the abyss
1 balance
1 diabolic edict
1 mind twist
1 stroke of genius
1 time walk
1 yawgamoths will
1 regrowth
1 swords to plowshares
1 dismantling blow
1 fact or fiction
2 morphling
1 circle of protection red
5 moxen
1 black lotus
1 sol ring

main deck lands
4 underground sea
4 city of brass
1 strip mine
3 wasteland
1 library of Alexandria
1 undiscovered paradise
4 tundra
3 volcanic island

1 teferis moat
1 circle of protection red
1 ensnaring bridge
2 powder keg
1 aura fracture
3 duress
3 red elemental blast
1 zuran orb
1 pyroclasm
1 swords to plowshares

and here's me remembering to the fullest extent possible my matches

Round 1 Ed paltzik u/r pile of keeper hate and redundancy

Game 1

We both get very solid draws with the first few turns being less than interactive (land go, land mox go) then i try for ansestral (his eot) he goes in response ansestral i win the war then draw 3 my turn trenches we both have almost nothing for hands (i drew all lands from ansestral)
it resolves he draws says go i say geyser for ?(i cant remember but it was large) he scoops

Game 2

he says land i go turn 1 duress and see that his hand was not too impressive seeing 3 lands, morph, force, fof i take force he draws land go i say morphling he red elemental blasts draws
says go i then dump my hand down to 3 (2 counters 1 balance) and mind twist his hand
we then go into draw go i get morphling game over

me 2-0 matches 1-0 games 2-0

round 2
yan margolin awful suicide black
(ok im not going to make fun of anyone else)

game 1

he mulligans and gets turn 1 lotus, swamp, ritual, hippie, negator
i go swords negator he goes wasteland i drop a land say go he goes wasteland
i drop a land say go he goes strip mine i am visibly pissed of

game 2

he draws 3 strips again but i counter all of his duress's - hymns and drop ensnaring bridge
he scoops a few turns later

game 3

he draws 3 strips double null rod i lose

him 2-1 matches 1-1 games 3-2

round 3 Sean mckeown unpowered fish
(i never lose to him)
(im not making fun of him)

game 1 i draw 4 cities and tap myself to death

game 2-3 i have kegs and pyroclasm smash

me 2-1 matches 2-1 games 5-3

round 4 ??? old school keeper with blessings and twister

game 1-2 i go library crazy sylvan + Alexandria not much she could do about it

me 2-0 matches 3-1 games 7-3

round 5 roger sorino mono blue battle of wits
matches 3-1-1 games 7-3

top 8

round 6 quarter finals

yan margolin

game 1

he mulligans playing first
i get god draw first turn library turn 2 ansestral turn 4 abyss turn 6 morphling scoop

game 2

he gets a very good start but im doing good he drops a phyrexian war beast then i dump my hand lay ensnaring bridge+trenches
he drops dystopia then during my upkeep i sac a land for 2 guys sac 1 say go he hymn's me (durf) i sac a token say go he pays upkeep's again then drops flesh reaver says go i go eot sac a land upkeep sac a guy (1 token left he's at 17) lay a land (up to 3) say go he pays upkeep (14) duress's me (durf) takes a yawg will sees a drain i draw sac my last guy lay a land (4) say go he pays upkeep (10) i go eot sac a land (1 guy)(3 lands) sac a guy lay a land he pays upkeep (5)
says go i go eot sac 2 lands (5 guys) untap sac a land (1) sac trenches draw say go he doesn't pay says go i untap and kill him

me 2-0 matches 4-1-1 games 9-3

top 4

round 7 semifinals
Andy strokinger keeper with draw sevens kills with mind over matter + academy

game 1

he never has a chance i drop sylvan draw a bunch drop library and then just win

game 2

he cast time twister 3 times turn 1 i then proceed to lose

game 3

he gains control early (ansestral regrow ansestral double force)
he taps out main phase i try eot ansestral he pitch-counters i counter back
i untap lay trenches he forces i force back he then casts timetwister with library out but he's at 17 from cities i have 4 lands eot i make 6 guys sacking down to 1 land 2 moxen attack him down to 11 he then wastes my last land i sac it in response he then untaps balances down to 0 lands
i then draw lands before he combos me out mise
me 2-1 matches 5-1-1 games 11-4

top 2

round 8 finals
roger sorino mono blue battle of wits

game 1

he plays a lot of cantrips then i get out a mox monkey to beat him down he then drops legacy's allure and grim monolith tapping out i untap play morphling he then takes my mox monkey and doesn't eat my sol ring effectively costing him the game (he had b2b in hand and would have won the war if he had eaten my sol ring instead i forced through time walk to kill him)

game 2

i just rip him apart duress 2xreb and eventually force through trenches (sylvan+library of Alexandria helped too)
so im 100$ richer (prize split with teammates prior to the tournament cut the winnings severly)

Matt davanzo, Eric wilkinson and Vincent pau for teaching me how to play keeper

roger sorino for playing mono blue battle of wits and making the finals

robb Williams for making us play maindeck duress's for weeks

Ed paltzik for playing a pile of keeper hate and losing to 3 keeper decks

yan margolin for being an arrogant jerk

Steven sadin see you soon

By Rakso, Patriarch & Rules Ayatollah (Rakso) on Thursday, February 07, 2002 - 12:22 pm:


Hey, e-mail me, Stevey

By Brian Epstein (Briane) on Thursday, February 07, 2002 - 01:11 pm:

Way to go!

Very nice. :)

By CF (Cf) on Thursday, February 07, 2002 - 02:16 pm:

For your next tournament report, please try to make it a little more readable ;o) Congratulations.


By Amos, Defender of the Moxless (Amos) on Thursday, February 07, 2002 - 02:30 pm:

nice! but next time....
Punctuation please! totally unreadable

By Dave Kaplan, JSS Extrordinare on Thursday, February 07, 2002 - 02:33 pm:

Congrats again Steve, you have emerged as on of the best all around players from the JSS. Hey who knows, maybe 5 years from now WOTC will be advertising that Steve Sadin used to JSS ;)

By Vesuvan (Vesuvan) on Thursday, April 04, 2002 - 09:32 pm:

Now if only we could get WotC to hold any type 1 tourneys with any real prize support...

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