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By The Maxx,. the Guru of Foolishness (Maxx) on Monday, July 02, 2001 - 10:55 pm:

I think the idea behind Spyre, and the Huge Tower in the center are good ones. And I think that ETP said that there should be a way to get to the meeting place through the tower. I think that is very cool. The thing that would seal this idea and make it fit in better with the extra-dimensional meeting place is to make it accessible from other select locations as well. Random points in the Mountains, other cities, dangerous, guarded dungeons, etc. would all be cool places for this. Just a thought.

By Tank on Monday, July 02, 2001 - 10:57 pm:

Well let's rob Diablo 2 and have waypoints scatered through out towns,etc and all link to the Main Spire in Spyre.

By Sylvester (Sylvester) on Monday, July 02, 2001 - 11:12 pm:

i'd say have gates like eldars do in 40k..

And all of the material that goes with it too, have the same kind of they'Re almost all lost and not many know how to operate gate makers, etc

By The Maxx,. the Guru of Foolishness (Maxx) on Monday, July 02, 2001 - 11:32 pm:

I've never played Diablo 2, or even know what 40k is, so I don't exactly know what either of you mean.

By Tank on Monday, July 02, 2001 - 11:36 pm:

Well in diablo 2 in the middle of dungeons there are these little circles that if you step can warp back to your base-camp.

40k is a minature game that is expensive to buy. Hard as hell to paint. Fun to play. SW n' Orcs forever.

By The Maxx,. the Guru of Foolishness (Maxx) on Monday, July 02, 2001 - 11:36 pm:

Also, I think you should only be able to leave this place the way you came in. This is to Avoid Super-Warp-Speed like travel. Although there is a possibility for Guild Stormings through their gateways, I think it would be better if there was only one exit to the place, and it just sent you back to the entrance you came from. Or even better, sent you back to a random entrance in the world(not really random, but chosen by the writer, for dramatic effect in the plots). Whaddya think?

The Maxx

By Sylvester (Sylvester) on Monday, July 02, 2001 - 11:39 pm:

i tihnk gates should be unreliable, and not very well explored, so that by going through a gate other than the one you sued to come in, you risk your life even mroe than what you already risk...

Also, maybe not make them unreliable in itself, just that the way to sue them isn't very well known, thus making manipulation errors easy to make 8)

By Super Autumn Gaeanewt on Monday, July 02, 2001 - 11:53 pm:

There's a portal in the white tower.

By The Maxx,. the Guru of Foolishness (Maxx) on Tuesday, July 03, 2001 - 12:15 am:

Also, as a side note, I don't think anyone should be able to die in the Extra-dimensional place. Or at least disallow weapons or Magic, also to avoid meaningless conflict and Spontaneous Assassinations.

A magical "Void" is probable in this a place, since you are apart from your own worls, and thus much weaker and distant from your mana if you are a Magic User.

The Maxx

By Rakso, Patriarch & Rules Ayatollah (Rakso) on Tuesday, July 03, 2001 - 01:02 am:

"Parallel planes" such as the world of dreams from the Wheel of Time may be fun.

By Burn, the Keeper of the Flame (Fereno) on Tuesday, July 03, 2001 - 11:07 am:

i dont really like the idea of an extraplanar meeting place, because thats just more complicated stuff for the newbs to have to figure out. Just think of cities as meeting places. for example, the barbarian city Kaidel is going to be a "neutral ground" in the desert. Even if a lizardfold sees a goblin with one of his cousins skins, he cant attack, as the guild that rules Kaidel polices the ity very well. Its no fighting zone, but there still is a possibility of someone dying there, but of course, your character cant die unless you say so, or hes 150 and a human.

By Shadow (Shadow) on Tuesday, July 03, 2001 - 11:29 am:

Well, the idea is that this makes it easier to organize joint stories between people whose chars are on radically different parts of the world. I would like to come up with some way for people to enter and exit to different places while still avoiding sudden invasions through the gateways. If I'm going to be moderating guilds IC as some sort of power, I might be able to moderate this place somehow, as well.

I think making the place itself a no-fighting zone is a good idea.

By Burn, the Keeper of the Flame (Fereno) on Tuesday, July 03, 2001 - 11:57 am:

i can see what your saying, but please, lets not start adding on other planes, that would make things much worse...

By The Maxx,. the Guru of Foolishness (Maxx) on Tuesday, July 03, 2001 - 03:58 pm:

No, I think it should just be one plane, but have the meeting place outside of that reality. More along the lines of Extra-planar than interdimensional.

The Maxx

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